I See You, Fear

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I see you, fear.

Fear is so important to our survival when we’re babies, and so damn worthless most of the rest of our lives for those of us fortunate to have a safe place to live and enough to eat.

Afraid the other kids won’t like us. Then, as parents, afraid the kids won’t like our kids and scared the parents won’t like us.

Afraid to leave for college. To choose the wrong career path. Afraid to marry the wrong person. Afraid to be alone.

I see you, fear.

Terrified of childbirth. Of infertility. Of being a parent. Of losing ourselves, whatever that means.

Scared we’re not doing this parenting thing “right”. That our kids’ birthday parties aren’t cool enough. That we haven’t baby-proofed hard enough. That something horrible will happen.

We’re even afraid we’re not fearful enough.

I see you, fear.

But you know what? You’ve taken enough, and never give anything worthwhile in return.

So you can hang out in the background, but you’re not in charge. You can’t suck the fun out of the little moments that make this thing called life so awesome. You’re not going to destroy the major milestones, either, or tear us away from working towards our goals and fighting to make a difference in people’s lives.

I see you, fear. And I don’t fear you.