Get to know me

Hi, I’m Samantha. A 30-something (Eek! How did that happen?)  living in California who enjoys short walks on the beach, candlelight with her Lean Cuisines and a good glass of wine (or an individual serving size little bottle of cheap wine. Whichever.)  I’m a wife and mom of two, too, but please don’t define me by that. I also work full time in public relations and was previously a newspaper reporter. My passion, in addition to my family, is blogging, and I’m a contributor at . Come join me in laughing at the little hiccups in life, and let’s do a little celebrating  and a little venting together. This is a blog for us who are more Pinterest fail than “nailing it.” If we even bother trying. For those of us who clean up by kicking our kids’ toys into the corner and call it a day. For those of us who “cook” dinner by throwing some taquitos in the microwave. For those of who who love our families so much it hurts. Let’s walk outside in slippers.


2 thoughts on “Get to know me

  1. Hi! I read your article on Romper about homeschooling. In my experience, your description of homeschoolers was extremely misinformed. How many do you know? Here is a blog post I wrote just a couple of days ago about the many benefits of homeschooling including: 1) Customized academics; 2) Socialization; 3) Mental health; 4) Love of learning; 5) Family Relationships.


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